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New Year Sale! 33% off - Cervical Cancer Screening Test E7 HPV Protein - at Home

New Year Sale! 33% off - Cervical Cancer Screening Test E7 HPV Protein - at Home

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Cervical Cancer Screening - Latest Technology

Less False Positive, More Assurance

Convenient, Private, at Home

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World's First - The latest in cervical cancer screening


Cervical Cancer Screening using the detection of E7 OncoProtein is the latest advancement in cancer detection, providing less false positive results vs. conventional tests. Using CGM - Colloidal Gold Method, the test can even be self-performed and result self-generated at home.

  • EU Certified

  • C-FDA / NMPA Certified

  • Top University Researched, Top Hospital Tested and Graded

Every 2 minutes, a woman dies of cervical cancer

Effective Screening Can Save Your Life

  • Screening Saves Lives

    Early Detection Survival >90% vs. Late Detection of <20%

  • Asian Countries Mortality is High, Screening is Low

    We want to do more for Asia

  • Every Woman should be taken care of

    Together we can eliminate this cancer

NOT all screening methods are the same

Conventional screening can cause higher levels of erroneous results as the test is either based on human judgement or does not directly test for cancer. Over lifetime of co-test screening using existing methods, a woman has 90% chance of getting an incorrect result. Leading to unnecessary Anxiety, Pain and Costs.

E7 Oncoprotein, the latest and more reliable screening indicator

E7 is a direct component of cancer cell growth. Published in multiple science and medical journals across the world and clinically tested in top hospitals. E7 related tests have show at least 24% fewer false positives to HPV DNA based tests*

E7 - the Science

The human papillomavirus (HPV) E7 oncoprotein shares functional similarities with such proteins as adenovirus E1A and SV40 large tumor antigen. As one of only two viral proteins always expressed in HPV-associated cancers, E7 plays a central role in both the viral life cycle and carcinogenic transformation. Testing for E7 oncoprotein will give a more direct indication of cancer presence.

  • No Anxious Waiting - Results in an hour.

    Conventional Screening can take up to 7 Days. E7GenPro utilizes (CGM - Colloidal Gold Method) which means you can get results in about an hour!

  • Easy Self Sampling - the Global Trend

    Self Sampling is easy to do, allowing you to feel more in control and comfort throughout the process. Actively adopted by advanced medical countries such as Australia.

  • Privacy, Comfort and Convenience at Home

    Stay in the comfort of your home, enjoy the privacy, conveniently at your own time, while knowing your screening is hospital-grade.

Screening Comparisons

  • How to Self Sample

  • How to Test Sample

  • How to Read Your Results